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from the other side of "asking for money"-- how to make others feel good about helping you

sarai started this conversation

I now have read several posts from people asking for money to help pay their bills....and kids' christmas presents....speaking as someone who grew up very poor, and now has a little extra, but not a lot, let me share what makes me part with it....

First of all, it is better to ask for something someone already has, and is not using.  Instead of asking for money, ask for things you buy, so you can save your money to pay your own bills. For example, if buying school clothes for your size 12 son, ask if anyone has outgrown in good condition pants in size 12 boys.  If I had any, I'd pay money to send them to you.  Same with a kid's outgrown winter coat.  If trying to cut back on groceries so you have money for other bills, ask me how we manage.  I'd tell you, a bread maker and great soup recipes.  I'd send you the recipes, and if someone else has a bread maker they are not using, they'd probably give it to you before they'd give you 50 bucks for groceries, or at least tell you about a cheap one one ebay.  If you are looking for Christmas presents for your three year old, start a fischer price little people collection, and I'd send you some! Nice stuff doesn't have to be new stuff, be creative!  Ask people how they cut down on electricity before you ask if they'll pay your electric bill.  See if anyone has a spare part before you buy one from the repair guy.  If you even look like you are creatively planning ahead, instead of just reacting to what happens to you, I will be more assured that my help will actually help you, and will be much more likely to open my wallet.   God bless.  Sarai



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Great advice.  Kudos for Sarai!

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